Services: Making It Happen

Establish Client Goals & Objectives

We approach each event/project with the desire to understand and capture your vision and goal. This result is achieved by taking time to accurately listen to you. We ask about your needs and wants. We take the time to learn about your project's constraints...colossal or intimate...what is it that you want to achieve? Are you celebrating, promoting, or awarding? How do you want to present your event to your guests? Do you want the element of surprise, comfort, recognition or high energy? Our discussions will explore all of these topics and more so that we can plan the best event possible for you and your guests.


This phase is essential to "Making it Happen". Using your goals and objectives, we begin our process of learning about the venue. We examine the operational requirements in addition to gathering information and work out a plan with all involved parties of the event to ensure that no detail goes unnoticed.

Concept Development

During Concept Development, our team takes all of the information gathered thus far and starts brainstorming. We consider questions such as "What will attain the biggest impact?, What can we do that is different and new?, Does this work within our parameters?, How does this achieve our goals?". Then, we combine the parameters from our analysis and creative brainstorming to create an event concept. We again work with our client to tweak the event concept before finalizing.


We don’t just generate a good plan of action; we generate a thorough plan of action. With our extensive experience we understand the inside working of the hospitality industry. This experience as well as our excellent relationship with our vendors gives us the advantages of predicting just about everything that could happen. However, when the unexpected does occur and 'on the spot' decision making is required, we come prepared to move into action making our events seamless.

Operations and Production

The logistics that go into events are very rarely seen at the forefront. This is accomplished by organized planning of your event. However, we don't just stop with an excellent plan, we know how to implement that plan. Our regular operations meetings allow our team to address all production matters. Our production team narrows down the specific details of inventory being sent out, the logistics necessary to achieve the event “look”, dates and times of deliveries, shipping, maintenance requirements, staffing needs, and much more. Immediately before your event, our staff is thoroughly trained about their specific roles at your event.


The crucial moment where all our planning and prepping are put into action and everything comes together. Atmospheres Designs’ staff and event crew arrive trained and ready to implement our plan of action. We are overachievers when it comes to the details...we actually 'sweat the small stuff' that most others would never notice. This attention to detail is how we turn that an empty space into an Atmosphere. And as in the set up, we take down the event and leave the venue just the way it was when we arrived.

Post Production

Each and every event is different and has its own unique challenges. As a company, we strive to continually grow and improve our product, standards, and service. We do this by touching base with our client after an event. We also have each member of the Atmospheres team evaluate each event from start to finish, from areas of how we can improve upon to our successes that are true and tried. We then share the ideas and feedback with one another therefore creating a improved operational criteria.